New Attitude… New Blog…

Left Blogger because I couldn’t figure it out enough… no idea how to add friends or get people to follow me!  Here’s another attempt…

What’s new in our life:

Roxie / Robin, our foster pup is doing wonderfully.  She is a cutie that loves to cuddle and   just veg out, very unlike the 11 month old stereotype for a puppy!  We are working on getting her to be more comfortable in the car, because she gets a little nervous and worked up, but it’s going well.  She was timid of strangers, but I’ve been taking her everywhere with me: adoption events, dock diving events, family gatherings, etc. and now she goes up to strangers without any prompting and looks for love and free pets 🙂

She does the cutest thing were she takes shoes and other small articles of clothing and totes them around and just lays next to them.  Unfortunately, Remington then thinks the said pieces of clothing are toys and decides to eat them!

Remi & Roxie in the yard

Roxie / Robin’s petfinder link:



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