Our little fishy :)

Remington is obviously our pride and joy… It’s a liiiiittttllee too early for kids (by A LOT) and we definitely treat him like he is an only child.  Only thing is I can leave this only child for multiple hours without worrying or paying someone.  However, we have started doing activities that are somewhat on the level that parents would do with their children… which kind of puts us in the “crazy dog people” category…

When I was dreaming of having a GSP I would google images and just stare at the puppies (a little weird I know) I started seeing a lot of pictures of GSP’s dock diving, so I knew once I had one of my own I would have to try it!

After reasearching and finding great new friend who took me under her wing, we have started taking Remi to dock diving events, and he has pleasantly surprised us!

This was his first try:

Now, I think you can see why we didn’t think it was going to work out!

Here he is about a month ago:

The first event he went from over 9′ to 13’6″ which we were very happy with!

He looks a little dainty, but he’s just gaining his confidence.

For the UKC Premiere event in Kalamazoo this past weekend, I bet Brandon he would go to 19′, which of course he didn’t believe…. so Remington proved us both wrong and jumped to 19’+ the first wave, and made his way all the way up to 22’6″!  He placed himself out of finals with his last jump since it was 1″ over the distance, but we were still very proud of him 🙂

Photo Cred Robert Pearson @ pearsonphoto.smugmug.com

You can definitely see the difference in his body language… much more confident and determined than just a month ago!

Other photos can be viewed / purchased at my good friend Justine’s photo site RUFF WATERS:      http://ruffwaters.zenfolio.com/premier12-2/h21995b57#h38fb8a06

Can’t wait to see what he does next time!



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