Words of Encouragement RE: Adventure

Pinterest was a mystery to me at first… mostly because I wasn’t following things/people that I was interested in.  Now that I’ve added all of my favorite home design cataogues, and a bunch of randoms that post pictures of mountains and nature, and others that post natural remedies, I love it! Much better than all the uber-fitness re-pins that were covering my homepage, making me feel like I was a complete tub of lard 🙂  Let me tell you… definitely not motivation.

What IS motivation is seeing all of the quotes and words of wisdom my pinterest aquaintences post.  I found a few today that were very encouraging.  Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in one place in life and that I need a little push.  Or that the plans I’ve laid out in front of me are really daunting…

Here are three that my favorite fancy schmancy home decor magazine, Ballard Designs, pinned recently:


+ partners in crime +


+ sometimes the effort is what counts +


+ views from sidelines are nice, but what would happen if you threw yourself into the game +


So, have your own adventure today, or at least plan one.  It’s fun to day dream even if those adventures never plan out.  Whether it be a new career, finishing school, moving, starting a family, or just getting through the work week, everyone’s got to have a little wanderlust!


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