Christians stoned by American Muslims in Dearborn as police watch

Interesting that wasn’t in the news too much down here in A2

Prisoner of Conscience

Here is an interesting article from The United West which details an encounter between Muslims and Christians in Dearborn, Michigan.  While I hate to see what happened to the Christians, those who want to claim Christianity need to know there is coming a time when you will truly risk physical danger in the U.S. for proclaiming your beliefs. 

Dearborn, MI Police Allow Muslim’s to Stone Christians at 2012 Arab Festival

By Alan Kornman

Wayne County Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar summed up his situational awareness of the 2012 Dearborn Arab Festival in the Dearborn Patch by stating, “No official arrests were made, and Jaafar said his team was pleased with the overall outcome.”

Unfortunately for Deputy Chief Jaafar, this video exposes what really happened on 6:10 PM at the Dearborn Arab Festival. This reporter can assure you, Deputy Chief Jaafar, there will be an entire country outraged by the overall outcome…

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