Freedom Rings!!!

I feel that this is a very fitting post for our Nation’s Independence Day.  I recently added an obscene amount of shelters and rescues on Facebook, which manages to break my heart every day.  I am an outsider looking in, so I can only imagine what those who have worked hard for years to create these saving organizations feel like.  When I was younger, I dreamt about all the animals I would have and how I’d save them and give them happy-ever-after lives on my acres and acres of land.  Truth is I have a small city lot and sold out by buying a German Shorthaired Pointer instead of rescuing one.  LESSON LEARNED, and I get reminded everyday how selfish that was of me!

I have been fostering for GSP Cares of Ohio, for a little pocket pointer named Robin, who I actually call Roxie because the name Robin is a little to ‘people-y’ for me.  I came across this Facebook post last week and it broke my heart.  Mostly because he looked like Remington, but also because someone could let a member of their family wander off and not look too far for him/her.

“UPDATE (7/5/12): The sweet boys stray hold is up THURSDAY (7/5/12), if his family does not come for him. He has a rescue signed up for him, but if you would like to adopt him or know of a rescue/shelter that would like to sign up as a back up, please call Animal Control. (517) 639-3210″




Well after getting that update yesterday crazy me flew into action, letting my rescue be aware of him and also signing myself up to be a foster mom for him!  This guy could be put to sleep as soon as 7/13/12 if not for a rescue pulling him.  Another sad thing is that some people pull hunting dogs from shelters for a cheap cost only to use them for hunting and not giving them a comfortable home.  When these dogs do not preform they are often discarded again, or worse.  I feel like it is my duty to make more people aware of this situation!

I feel so greatful that although I do not have my acres and acres, I can still give a homeless dog a warm, loving place to stay.  I can give him life. I can help defend the defenseless by stepping in and taking control and letting that dog know that he or she is cared about and that love is out there.  To some people this seems silly, and animal is just an animal.  But if anyone has talked to me for more than a few minutes or has known me for a little while, they know that I am an animal person and that I can get quite devoted.  But I don’t think this is weird or odd at all.  How can it be weird to try to give a helpless animal what our nation was built upon: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And whenever we get upset with rambunctious dogs rough housing or muddy paws and slobber everywhere, it warms my heart to reread this quote and look at this picture, and tell myself that I am infact making a difference in the dog’s life, just as much as they are making a difference in my life.  I like to think of it as putting life into perspective and regrounding myself and realizing what is actually important.



2 thoughts on “Freedom Rings!!!

  1. A volunteer at the shelter that has Marvin contacted me yesterday asking if LDDR could help. We’ve been watching this dog, not wanting him to be PTS, but of course we are full. Thank you for coming to the rescue! Together we can save so many more! Many hugs to you and Marvin.

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