Things are in motion!

So it’s been a while, things have been super busy…

In the last few weeks:

– I finally broke out the paint and rollers to paint the ceilings and hallway! Still not done with it though 😦

– Planned a week long class in Traverse City for this next week.  Very excited to be near Lake Michigan, it’s my favorite!!  And we found a condo to rent that allows dogs, so Remington will have so much fun going swimming and I can’t wait to take so many pictures!

– Sadly, our Roxie girl will be leaving us for her new home TONIGHT.  Just became aware of the possibility of her adoption last night, and with how travel plans and vacations are working out, today was the best day to introduce her to her new home.  I guess it helps because we won’t be able to linger on the thought of her absence…

Fostering has definitely been a rewarding experience.  When Roxie came to us she would shiver and pant in the car and shied away from strangers, not letter them even come close.  She has transformed, fattened up a little (lol), eagerly greets others when they approach, and now seems to enjoy car rides!  I’m happy that after a year of being shuttled around she had a few months of calmness and love with our family and is ready for a forever home!  I’m a little sad she’ll be leaving us- I will miss this dainty little girl… however, I am glad there are two people that have opened their hearts to her and want to adopt her forever!!




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