Those dog killers in Grayling, MI…

Woke up and saw on Facebook today that there are two men responsible for killing a pitbull in the state of Michigan. Specifically in Grayling.  Apparently the owner was moving out of a house that he shared with at least one of the killers.  While he was gone, one of the men accused of illing the dog supposely shot the dog and then decapitated him.  The owner was threatened with the thought of his dog’s head being mounted/sent back to him.  The dog’s head was later found at an intersection next to a stop sign on the side of the road.

According to the article, the dog was ‘put down’ (aka shot by someone who wanted to do him physical harm) because he was aggressive.  This doesn’t seem the case.  In fact, the dog had a trick with the owner’s 4 year old daughter where he would take a french fry out of her mouth.  Does that sound agressive to you?


If the story stays this way then this situation is completely out of control.  It’s hard to wrap my head around such ignorance and violence.  There are more facts here, so it’s hard for me to ream the two killers out at the level I want to… we’ll see how the story unfolds…


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