Trying to Attempt a Last Minute Rescue PLEASE SHARE!!!!

So yesterday I became aware of quite the looker… tall, dark, handsome, you know the type?

Well it looks like this gorgeous guy is a lab / GSP mix and unfortunately he is on the other end of the country… A few other like-minded individuals have been extremely helpful in trying to get this guy up to OH at least, and then I need to get him into my house to foster!!!


It looks like there is trasportation set up for Monday and a rescue group to back him, while I will be his foster… all that is necessary is a short term foster to pull and keep him over the weekend!!

We are setting up a chip-in in order to help with vet costs and transportation issues, so if you have anything extra this week, this little guy could REALLY use it! Even $5 can go along way when more than one person pledges!

Shelter Batman is at:

BATMAN IS #2469 he has pictures posted on their ‘July’ dogs- 7 day euthinasia plan in effect

He came in 7/26/12 so his situation needs to be all set TODAY.

**** BATMAN’S CHIP-IN ****  Hopefully it works now…




THANK YOU!!!!!  & Please share!!

-KMZ 🙂


3 thoughts on “Trying to Attempt a Last Minute Rescue PLEASE SHARE!!!!

    • Thanks, we’re still trying to figure it out :/ It’s my first time, but I’ve handed off my log in info to some veteran chip-in ladies, so hopefully it’ll be sorted out soon! Keep you posted! Thanks for looking into it 🙂

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