Etiquette Rules for Humans and Animals Alike


I came across this image on Facebook, and it reminded me of something that happened a few weeks ago…

First, I must preface and let y’all know that my 12 year old brother is NOTORIOUS for getting bit by our family dog.  Our dog is not vicious, more like my brother is an annoying 12 year old boy.  Well this actually was with a previous family dog, and my brother was probably only 8 or so.  Anyways, my brother would flail all over the dog and hug him in all the wrong places, pull and tug on his fur and ears, and get up in his face.  We repeatedly told him not to. So after getting nipped at several times, I guess my brother learned his lesson for the time being.

That is until a few weeks ago.  There was a very sweet pittie at a baseball game that I had been petting, then I went back to sit down in the bleachers.  My now 12 year old brother happened to walk by the dog, then turned around got down in front of her and started hugging on her and trying to get kisses!  This entry IS NOT about pits, I know they’re labeled incorrectly and agression is a product of their environment.  This entry is about stupid people like my brother continuing to put themselves in bad situations where they leave a dog no room to protect themselves.

Luckily, the dog was used to little girls dressing her up, hugging on her, etc, so she lapped up the attention.  My family dog wouldn’t have appreciated it.  MY dog wouldn’t have appreciated it.  So I tried to use the situation as a learning tool and told my brother to offer his hand first, then slowly pet, if the dogs looks comfortable.  So the pitties owner turns around and tells me “she’s NEVER bit ANYONE!”  Which lead to a lot of backpeddaling from me trying to explain that it was about my brother and not her dog.  I’m sure she’s predisposed to having to defend her sweet pittie and she didn’t know where I was coming from, but I think her ears closed up when I tried to tell her…

It’s nothing to do with the breed and everything to do with the dog and/or owner.  I hate to admit it, but Remington and I have our own issues… I am trying to get Remington out in public more because he thinks he needs to protect me in every single situation.  I’ve started by inching towards the crowd and making him sit and quiet every time we hit a roadblock. I also think it’s his way of playing, as his Vizsla cousin taught him barking is how they talk when they wrestle lol. He often has grumbled at Brandon’s friends when they approach, yet he’s wagging his tail furiously at the same time… issues?   He now can walk around and sniff in public without being bothered for the most part.  But if he sees a dog he can play with- forgettaboutit. It’s lots of jumping and whining so he can play… I think obedience classes are in the EXTREME near future.

So PLEASE educate little ones, and even big ones, about the proper way to approach a dog.  And the proper way to act daily around a dog. Are you happy when you’re inturrupted eating, sleeping, or doing your favorite thing? Your dog is no different 🙂


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