A Year Later…

Brandon & I had our first wedding anniversary yesterday!


First, I want to say how disappointed I am in some people for acting like it’s nothing.  Yeah, I get that 1 year is something small, but could you not be happy for us a little bit?  We’ve been through A LOT the last 4 years total, so having a really nice, smooth sailing, 1st year of marriage is something we’re proud of.

I’m SO glad we did what we did. Throwing caution into the wind, going up north and getting hitched on the bech at sunset.  It’s always what I wanted in my own heart and I’m so happy that we made that huge decision ourselves.  I think it speaks a lot of how our marriage will continue to grow and be focused around ourselves and our family, not necessarily what others want us to do.

Anyways, leaving behind the negativity, we had an awesome day 🙂  Brandon made us a biiiiig breakfast: pancakes, sausage, hashbrowns, eggs, toast…. lol it was super filling! But we needed it for our next adventure- an 8 mile kayak trip! It was kind of long, and boy do my shoulders hurt today, but it was nice being in nature, quietly paddling and talking with my husband.

We then went to Mangiamo’s in Saline for an old-people dinner (since we were there for a while and left at 6:30 lol) Came back to the house, played fetch with the wonderful Remington, and had a fire while listening to the Tigers game.  Brandon made a rule for no phones or computer, which I managed to only violate a few times. Hence, no pictures to share!

We capped off the night by watching our ceremony and messages we left eachother before we got married.  It was a very special night 🙂  I can’t wait for 70 more years of this!


2 thoughts on “A Year Later…

  1. Oh Kayleigh, I think your first year is a really great thing to celebrate…. there is so much to learn about each other in your first year of marriage. When I saw your post about it being your anniversary my first thought was..”really, that went so fast”. Life goes fast, so enjoy the really good stuff, there is always something or someone in life to bring you down… Celebrate and enjoy your life together…

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