Reinventing Oneself.

Ever feel like you want to completely change who you are? Who you’ve become, who you’re about to become?

I’ve definitely had one of those weeks.


I just feel like everything in my life needs an overhaul.  SInce we’ve been married one year, I realized I haven’t done nearly as much as I had wanted to with Brandon as a married couple.  And yes, for all the Debbie Downers, I realize I have several years to work on these things, but I have to ask, “what if I don’t?”

Do I really want to keep saying a bunch of “tomorrows” or do I want to do things today and get them done?

I have a habit of getting really offended at people when they take interest in material things, such as clothes, who’s dating who, yada yada yada.  I have realized that this is how some people release their stress and relate to others.  For me, a lot of it is just unimportant nonsense that I can’t really relate to.  So I have focused inward to try and reach what is most important to me in my heart and go forth with that information.

I’ve realized it’s animals, most especially dogs.  I have known this forever, and so has anyone who’s taken more than 4 minutes to talk to me.  I used to be the girl on the outside, looking at these great rescue groups, wanting to be a part of something great. Saying, “Oh if I only had enough gas money, I’d be able to help transport that poor little puppy to their new rescue.” Or “Man, $20 seems like so much to donate for a needy animal’s vet bills,” but then go out to the bar and spend that without even blinking.  I have reorganized my way of thinking.  Instead of hesitating and playing it safe for myself, I try to offer my services the best that I can provide them, and help chip in with costs, because if everyone donated just a small amount, those would add up so quickly!

I’ve opened my home to foster dogs, although they have all been adopted before getting to me but Little Miss Roxie 🙂 I have helped with two transports, the third coming up right this weekend.  I’ve gone to adoption events, trying to spread the word for the rescues and dogs in need.

I’m not trying to glorify what I do.  It’s just SO much more important to me.  I take pride in these actions, although I know they are few.  Think of these actions and then multiply them by 6,000 and you don’t even  touch the surface of what the more experienced rescuers do in a week. If anything, by typing this maybe I’ll get just one more person interested in rescuing, volunteering, fostering, or donating.  That would certainly be enough.

By trying to pull dogs, plan transports, update rescue sites, etc I feel like I have really found something that might be a calling.  I get to talk to people who are interested in the same things I am, and don’t think I am crazy for wanting to save all the puppies in the world and talk about them all night and day! haha 🙂

Aside from being crazy dog lady, I am trying to lead a more ‘together’ version of my life.  I am trying to make less excuses, eat super healthy, exersize at least once a day- doesn’t have to be anything super fancy, just enough to make me sweat and get the heartbeat up.  Last but not least, my mind needs reshaping.  I need positivity instead of negativity. I’m trying to have my thoughts, words and actions all refelct one another. Should be an interesting ride!

Here’s a link to an interesting article from O Magazine, the queen of reinvention!







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