The Olympics?


I honestly have never been interested in the summer olympics.  I just can’t watch them, I don’t have any vested interest in them.  Winter olympics, I could watch those all day- I love seeing the athletes soar over snow, catapulted into the sky!  Brandon actually got me to watch a race, and the speed was quite amazing!

Still, after one race I flitted off… I just can’t do the ‘hurry up and wait’ thing and just watch people be active.  I have to admit, I do respect the athletes a tremendous amount for sacrificing their life basically for one goal.

I wouldn’t say that social media has changed how I view the olympics… more like I just had to tune more things out regarding the olympics that I didn’t before..  The basic feeling I have towards the olympics is “meh…” Think of the : / emoticon personified, and you’ve got me.

Here’s to four years from now, when I will be able to watch the winter olympics! Maybe even blog about them, who knows?


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