Angie is here…!

We got our new foster gal last night!  We have decided to call her Angie through the rescue, Illinois Shorthair Rescue.  She was a little apprehensive of Remington, as he was ready to roll as soon as she got out of the car.  After about an hour of introductions, she was ready to engage with him, roughousing a little, mouthing him and vocalizing in a friendly manner.  She would take a step back and wag her tail, so I knew she was having fun!

One issue is that she has a heart that longs to run… Already 8 am and she has attempted to climb the six foot fence. Looks like I have my work cut out for me with this girl!

I meant to have her and Remington sleep side by side in their two kennels last night, but I went to bed early last night, letting them cuddle up with me.  I figured Brandon would come up and take them to their kennels when it was time for bed, but he had them lay on the floor on their beds, and we did not have an issue! I think Angie really likes being by nice people 24/7 and I hope we can continue to keep building her trust and love so she doesn’t want to run away from us anymore!

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