Tuesday Tuesday :)

Shame I thought it was a Wednesday…

Guess that’s because it’s been a busy few days!

Let’s see… we got Angie on Friday, spent the weekend at home getting things together, recouping, and getting to know the little girl.  We have come to love her and hope that the relationship keeps growing so she won’t want to run off like she did today on Brandon!!

Sunday I had an AMAZING yoga class at the Ann Arbor Center for Yoga off of Stadium.  I’m so glad it was a comforting and nonjudgmental experience, I was so nervous to go!  It was 92 degress, so relaxing and invigorating! I love getting groupons so I can do fun things that normally cost a bundle to participate in 🙂  I can’t wait to go again tomorrow!!

Brandon and I finally finished up our papers from our class earlier this month in Traverse City. Big weight off my shoulders.  Now I have time to clean and knit and relax until school starts again after Labor Day… oh wait, that’s only a week or so isn’t it? 😦 Oh well… fun idea while it lasted.

Aside from a bomb threat at work last week, yesterday at a different court location two men went into the courthouse with semi-automatic guns, but were apprehended by the police AFTER the court hearing… so that’s fun, too.  Gotta love working in a courthouse!

Tonight we get to go eat dinner at my favorite mother-in-law’s house and go for a late run… being healthy feels so good!




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