How to Make Mason Jars Galvanized and Rusty

I had to try for myself, and after running around to Joann’s and Michael’s and Aco this morning, I had all the supplies I needed! I wish I woud’ve tried going to Aco first, since they ended up having everything I need, are locally owned, inexpensive, and only 1 mile away! Oh well, you live and you learn 🙂

So I started out with several different sized mason jars.

We have roughly about a million left from our reception, and I need to do something with them!  I’m hoping that this week of crafting will give me a few gifts to hand out this Christmas that are coming straight from the heart ❤

The original blogger mentioned that she wished that she had began with a darker color, so I heeded that advice and tried brown underneath first to see what would happen 🙂

After spraying the inside and outside of the jars, I let the paint dry for 2-10 minutes.  I experimented with the time to see how it would affect the ‘tarnish’ aspect.

Once the paint was to the tackiness I wanted it to be, I flicked a vinegar and water mixture on.  The original blogger suggested a spray bottle, but since I didn’t have that or regular white vinegar I hoped that apple cider vinegar and my fingers would do the trick!  Thankfully, they did.

… brown and mirror combo …

… just the metal paint …

  Oh, a helpful hint- If you let the paint dry for a longer period of time, bigger spots of the silver paint will come off with paper towel. If you flick the vinegar/water mixture within a few short minutes, the paper towel doesn’t just ‘pop’ the bubbles that are created, it also makes sort of a pressed/scuffed look onto the silver paint.


I think both are pretty, I however do favor the brown and mirror combo, it makes the jar appear like it’s galvanized metal with a little bit of rust on it.

I have an off-white spray paint that I think I will try tomorrow underneath the silver and see how that turns out!

All complete : )
More to come!

xoxo kmz


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