Sunday Funday :)

Well, my Sunday Funday consisted of crafting, not drinking, but it was fun!

I finally started using Pinterest the way I intended when I first realized what it’s all about…

First off, I saw a gorgeous tutorial on how to make mason jars look like tarnished silver, so I was gone from there!

Then when I was browsing through I saw mason jars with fabric on the inside… but that’ll be a craft for later this week 🙂

Also, I saw a great pin of mason jars rolled in epsom salts for Christmas, but I think I will do a variation for Halloween, but I need to find some beads first!

I ran off to JoAnn Fabric to fulfill my fabric and paint needs… however, I struck out with the beads and paint (I guess they keep theirs locked up and they didn’t have the kind I wanted anyways…)

Onwards to Michael’s where they also didn’t have many beads… As I was looking a friendly customer told me to go to the Bead Emporium (?) downtown, which I’m assuming means Ann Arbor.  Nice to know, but I will probably buy mine online since I think I’m going to need a lot for my special project!

Anyways, after I went to the hometown Aco, I was armed with all my supplies I needed for the mirrored tarnish project, but little did I know I was wrong!

Stay tuned for later tonight or tomorrow when I post how it went!  It will be the first post on my series of fixing up mason jars into spectacular little nuggets of cuteness 🙂  I have to do something with the two hundred I have from our reception last year!

xoxo kmz ❤

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