Fall is Coming…!

Just a quick update.

The seasons are changing and so are priorities~

More time on homework, less time for crafting, internet, etc.

At the start of the season things got a little sluggish, but now that it’s been a few weeks I think we’re getting into the swing of things again with a brandnew routine!

Trying to get up early so I can take the dogs for more walks… still a struggle when the bed is so warm and outside is so cold!  Trying to build up to more than once a week hah! 🙂

We’re definitely trying to counteract the weight we usually gain in the fall and winter months by beginning training early.. I went to another lovely yoga class yesterday and hope to go to a SUPER hot one this weekend while B is on a bachelor’s weekend or whatever…


Angel is doing really well.  Having some trouble with the potty… she is not really used to having to go outside, since she always WAS outside.  She doesn’t straight out have accidents, but more just doesn’t know how early she needs to tell us. We’re trying to anticipate her needs by letting her out much more frequently than Remington and it seems to be working!

If anyone has any input, please feel free to share!!


xoxo kmz.


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