Heartworm Positive Dogs…

… Can be crippling to an established rescue, let alone a new one.


Ohio Shorthair Rescue (run by two previous GSP Cares of OH volunteers) is only about 2 months old, and they just took on two heartworm positive dogs! 

The dogs’ names are Boomer and Becca and here is a little bit about them, with a link to their chipin 🙂




“When it rains, it pours, and our new rescue suddenly seems to be caught in a torrential downpour. At the beginning of this past week, there was a dog in need of rescue at a high-kill, overcrowded rural Ohio pound. He had come in as a stray, so they had no history on him, but he was very friendly, seemed healthy and was good with other dogs. He was on the list to be euthanized Friday, so we committed to take him. The next day, his heartworm test came back positive and we had a couple long phone conversations about whether we could afford the expensive heartworm treatment that is required to eliminate the potentially-fatal heartworms. In the end, we decided that we couldn’t turn our backs on him and we brought him into rescue. We had to save his life, and somehow we would have to make it work. We sent a volunteer to meet him, and he confirmed that our boy was happy, friendly and full of energy – a “goofball!” – and so we named him Boomer! 

Then another GSP in Ohio was brought to our attention via a Facebook posting, this one a small female in a pound not even 10 minutes from my home. Unfortunately, another overcrowded high-kill pound, so the next morning I ran over to meet her, hoping I was not too late to save her since she was an owner surrender, and by Ohio state law, there is no mandatory hold time for owner surrenders and they can be euthanized immediately. Thankfully, she was still there, but very scared and obviously freaked out by the strange noises and smells of the pound. Once I got her outside, though still nervous, she immediately stood on her back legs, trying to get her face as close to mine as possible, but not to give kisses… she sniffed my nose, my eyes and then just stared at me as if to say “no, you’re not my person, but please don’t leave me here”. She was sweet, gentle, a very pretty and dainty girl, and I thought Becca would be a good name for her. She stole my heart, and I couldn’t let her die. I coaxed her back into the building, promising her that she only had to spend one more night, made arrangements to have her spayed and vaccinated, and was told I could pick her up the next afternoon. When I arrived to pick her up, I got the bad news… she too had tested positive for heartworm disease. I almost started crying right there in the lobby.

Two heartworm positive dogs in one week would throw any rescue for a loop, but for a small rescue less than 2 months in existence, it could be a death knell. And so we turn to you, our friends, volunteers, fosters and supporters. Our plea is two-fold:

FOSTER HOMES NEEDED: A foster home will be needed for each dog to keep them through their heartworm treatment. During treatment, they must be kept calm and not allowed to run or jump. When outside, they must be on-leash at all times. Rescue will provide for all medical necessities. Fosters are asked to provide love, an indoor home, and food. If you are willing to open your heart and home to one of these sweet and loving dogs for 2-3 months during their treatment, please contact me (Cheryl) by email cheryl@ohioshorthairrescue.org

DONATIONS/SPONSORS NEEDED: We are still waiting on quotes for heartworm treatment from several vets, but the quotes we have received thus far (including rescue discount) range from $458 (for 45 lb. Becca) to $763 (for 68 lb. Boomer). And these prices do not include their normal vetting (spay/neuter, vaccines, microchip, fecal parasite test, etc.) We need your help to save Becca and Boomer! Please consider donating… no amount is too small! “


Please donate if you can, the rescue and the dogs would really appreciate it!!


xoxo kmz


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