Angel Finds a Home Before the Holidays!!

WOW long time!!! A lot has happened, but more on that later 😉

It’s time for an update on Angel/Angie!

We only had Angie since August, but she definitely made a positive impact in our lives. It is so inspiring to see how a dog who was left chained up all day andnot fed on a regular basis could be so loving and forgiving of humans.  When she first arrived to our house in August she was very timid and shy for a week or so, but I think she healed during her stay here at our house.  When we had our home visit three or so weeks ago, we brought Angel to see how she would do out and about, and she definitely won over the new family’s hearts!  Instead of the timid and scared dog we first met, she was friendly, rambunctious, a typical velcro GSP.  She had Will, her new human sibling, showing her the bedrooms and where she would sleep at night – right next to his bed.  Will had grown very close to another rescued GSP, Cash, in his senior years, but unfortunately they weren’t able to have enough time with him before he passed.

So when we dropped off Angie the beginning of December to her new home in MI it was not with a heavy heart.    We knew that they would really cherish her and take great care of Angie.  She is now with a loving Mom, Dad, human sibling Will (10) and canine sibling Casey (11).

  You could really tell they were ready to give all their love and attention to Angie and I’m sure as soon as we left the spoling began 🙂  We are so happy that we were able to pull Angel from a dreadful place and that she i in an extremely loving and caring environment now!


xoxo kmz


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