New Year, New Me.

Time to focus inward!

We definitely had a change in priorities and in our lives over the past 3 weeks or so.  I had been wanting a big change, and it just so happens that it lined up with the New Year 🙂

Luckily for me that means TONS of fitness Groupons.  I think I bought 5 the Saturday before New Years. Yes, for cheap classes that are usually $80-150 for 5 or 10 classes!

Here are links to some that I bought that I would highly recommend if you live in the Ann Arbor / Saline area:

Ita Yoga Studio – Nervous about joining another yoga practice especially after last night, but here goes!


Center For Yoga – I went here a few months ago, they have the BEST hot yoga and instructors!


All out Fitness – Too good of a deal to pass up!


Hensel Kenpo Karate – Bought 20 kickboxing classes for $29, and karate classes for the hubby 🙂 Excited for some cardio! I went last Saturday and got to basically do a one-on-one with the instructor… I still have sores on my feet from the punching bag!



It’s not just about being physically revamped.  When I work out I feel clearheaded. Motivated to do new things and try harder.  I want that to be a new motto or way of living this year.

Yes, I want to be toned but I also want my heart and soul and mind to be toned, too – that’s why the majority of my classes were yoga.  Yoga is honestly the best, especially hot yoga!!

I also started a journal called “peaks, pits, praises, and prayers,” which I found off of pinterest, here is a link to the original blogger.  Even if you aren’t tremendously religious, it’s good to reflect and be thankful, while also putting down on paper hopes, dreams, goals, and so on so you know where your heart is.  For the ‘pits’ part it’s important not to be too negative, but to spin the bad of your day to make it positive when you look back on it.

For example, yesterday I wrote this:

Peaks: Grateful to wake up at 5 am and not hit the snooze button! Ready to conquer the world 🙂

Pits: This yoga class that I went to was horrible… The teacher was brand new, loud, and had hairy pits, and kept coming and touching me! Not relaxing at all… I’m very glad to have learned this my first class and will be going to more difficult classes with the rest of my Groupon 🙂

Praises: Thank you God for giving my husband and I time to talk and connect and discuss the future.

Prayers: Please help me get through the day at work and keep my patience!

After writing down what I am grateful for I feel much more centered and appreciative.  It’s a daily reminder of what’s actually important in your life, not the latest celebrity marriage shown on People.


What have you resolved to do this New Year – If you’re hoping to get fit and trim, does it also involve an inner makeover as well?


xoxo kmz.


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