Cabin Fever?

So the last week or two I’ve had extreme wanderlust… I just want to go everywhere, and right now!!

Since Hubby just got a new job and it’s really still February, there’s nowhere to go exactly right now… so instead I’m going to occupy myself with the upcoming Spring season- and what that means for my garden!

I usually just toss a bunch of bulbs and seeds into the ground thinking it’ll look beautiful, but that is never the result.  Instead I get a bunch of sporadic blooms that look haphazard and very…. ‘thin?’

In an effort for the garden to look cool & collected this year, I need to start planning and saving for more plants early 🙂

I love lavender and big ornamental grassy plants, so I’m going to use those as my anchors.  And since I need to make it look connected so the eye can travel throughout the garden without getting too distracted, I need to stick to purple/lavender and another complimentary color.  I L-O-V-E Hydrangeas, so it may just be all shades of purple, cream and white, and leafy greens courtesy of great big hostas! Our backyard is like a griddle in the summer, so much sun! We need plants and flowers that can handle it very well, so I will be picking tons of hardy sun plants.

Here are a couple flowers that have gotten my attention, courtesy of Burpee:



Pansies, of course 🙂 [full sun]


Delphiniums, to add height and a little color variation [full sun]


Morning glories, celestial mix [full sun]


Laurentia, Avant-Garde Violet [full/partial sun]


Well that’s it for flowers right now, grasses and hostas and perhaps other bushes to come later!


xoxo kmz


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