Illinois Shorthair Rescue

I currently foster through the Midwest Chapter of the National GSP Rescue Association.  The specific rescue I foster for is the Illinois Shorthair Rescue.  They are a great rescue and you should check out their webpage!

While I purchased Remington from a breeder in MI, I will not be doing that again.  I did NOT do my homework.  I didn’t even think about getting a health clearance or anything like that from the breeder.  Nor did I know about all the animals that die in shelters every day, many of them just as gorgeous and fun and loving as my Remi!  This is not to say I think all breeding is morally wrong… responsible breeders and responsible owners that buy bred pups is one thing.  They work very hard at confirming their dogs, keeping standards high and furthering the breed they represent.

However, what I did was wrong, and I definitely know it in my heart.  Since moving into our new house, I have strived to do all that I can do in order to make it up to the dogs that died the day that I purchased Remington.  I’ve helped in transports, fostered, donated, etc.  The money I spent on Remington could’ve pulled another gorgeous pointer puppy out of a pound or foster home and given the rescue much-needed funds.  I hope that if anyone sees this they will think twice about buying a puppy off the street and more about contacting their local rescue!

Past and Current Fosters:

– Angie –

Start of fostering: 8/17/12

Angie, formerly Angel, comes from a rough home.  Hours upon hours were spent outside, chained up.  She was forced to sit on hay that she was allergic to, which gave her nasty welts.  They’ve mostly cleared up now.  Surprisingly, Angie is extremely forgiving.  She had male owners that were happy to punish her, but she loves my husband! Can’t get enough of him!

Angie is a 6 year old spayed female.  She listens very well, has great manners, gets along with Remington great, and loves to be pet.  However, she thinks cats are toys and knows how to jump fences… and has the muscles to do so after being chained up for 6 years.

She is learning how to walk on a leash without pulling and gets into the bath tub when you say ‘bath!’


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